Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Riley was younger, I had her playing in her baby walker while I cooked her favorite dinner(Chicken nuggets and fries) As I got the nuggets out of the freezer I noticed that the chocolate ice cream had gotten freezer burnt, so I threw the tub of ice cream away. I finished cooking and was setting up the high chair for dinner time. I heard her wheel into the kitchen and knock over the trash can, this was not unusual, as she loved to get into stuff. I knew it was a brand new bag with nothing but a tub of ice cream so I continued setting up her food. I looked up and my beautiful child came rolling in smiling the biggest smile. All I could do was laugh, and run for the camera. Definitely a Kodak moment. Oh, how she makes me smile.


Grand Mommy's said...

Imagine that! Her love for ice cream came from the trash!! That's my girl! Grand Mommy Loves her =}