Sunday, November 6, 2011

My daughter is a Rebel

My daughter is a Rebel and I couldn't be prouder. Now I know at first this statement may seem strange, but let me explain. This year Riley joined the Rebels Dream Team, a cheer squad for special needs kids. Today was the very first cheer event and I was overwhelmed. After only 4 practices, I was a little nervous, but our team did an AMAZING job! Today was "Marching of the Rebels" where each of the Rebel squads was introduced and performed a portion of their routine, to kick off competition season. Everyone cheered for all the squads but when the dream team took to the mat, everyone was on their feet, clapping and encouraging our team. It was such a positive experience. I have to admit, I was so overwhelmed I cried the entire performance. I have never seen my daughter look so grown up and absolutely adorable as today in her cheer uniform and make up. She is even on top of a stunt! I'm so proud of all our Rebels and can't wait til competition. Today my daughter got to be a real cheerleader and she loved it! I thank God for the Louisiana Rebels, for coach Darla and all the other coaches that help make her dream of being a cheerleader a reality. WOLHG! Win or Loose Honor God, that's the Rebels motto, And I'm sure that seeing the smiles on our kids faces today put a smile on HIS. My daughter is a Rebel, and I LOVE IT