Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh the joys of potty training. We've been at this process for awhile. Riley is doing pretty well, it is taking a long time. However, I'm not entirely sure if that has anything to do with the fact that she has Down Syndrome, I think it probably has more to do with the fact that she's extremely stubborn.(She gets it honest). I first realized she had the concept of potty training down some time ago, putting it in to practice has not come as easy. How I came to this realization....Riley was playing in her octagon shaped play yard, we lovingly referred to it as the cage, while I was doing some spring cleaning. The play yard was big enough for her toy box, a chair and tons of toys, plus we set it up in front of the TV, what more could she ask for. I noticed she was emptying her toy box, throwing bears, bunnies, and other stuffed toys, blocks, balls, etc. out of the cage. This was not unusual so I went on with my sweeping and mopping. Then I noticed a tale tale odor coming from my living room. My darling daughter had emptied her toy box, taken off her diaper climbed in the box and pooped. then she climbed out and went on playing as if nothing had happened. The toy box and my entire living room got a good scrubbing with Clorox. It wasn't on the potty, but it was a start.


Jim said...

Love it. Like you said, the concept is there, but there are a few little details to iron out!