Monday, August 24, 2009

My little thief. Riley loves to play with my cell phone. I try to keep it out of her reach, but sometimes she outsmarts me and gets it. Tonight while I was cooking dinner, she snuck my phone into her playroom. She dialed a few random digits, then managed to call her Nonna and Papaw. I noticed my phone was missing and immediately went to the playroom, My mom filled me in that Riley had called them. I set her up with a movie so I could complete dinner and put my phone high up on a counter. Obviously not high enough. I started looking for my phone but could only find the pink cover. I looked everywhere and Riley "helped" me. 2 hours later, I found her hiding spot. In my living room window. I found not only my phone, but a handful of dollars. I'm not sure if it was my purse or her daddy's wallet she robbed, but Little miss had $9 hidden away. I couldn't help but laugh, I think I'll take her shopping.