Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to school time is here. Although Riley has been attending daycare since she was 9 months old, this year is different. The daycare director approached me about moving her into her age group(because she isn't far behind). So she skipped a class at daycare and was promoted to preschool. I couldn't be prouder of her! So on Monday Aug. 17th, my baby started preschool. This class like the rest at Goldman School is based on the inclusion model where children with disabilities are taught along side their typically abled peers, so children learn from teachers as well as each other. However, the preschool class is much more structured. We even got to buy school supplies. I had a blast!Riley picked out what color scissors, yarn, pencil box, etc. she wanted, it was fun. Riley is doing great!. She is speaking in complete sentences now. She can say her first and last name, count to ten, and knows almost the whole alphabet. I know preschool is going to be so good for her. She's doing great even after only one week. Her teachers are very impressed with how well she's doing. So am I. I'm sure I will have lots of preschool stories, I'll keep posting. Thanks for reading.


Jim said...

My gosh, it seems like yesterday that she was born!

Kathleen said...

I am not surprised. Not one bit surprised.