Monday, January 11, 2010

Little Miss Polite

It is never too early to start teaching manners. Gerard and I started with please, thank you, and your welcome. Riley is a pro and rarely forgets to use these. Now we are working on yes ma'am/sir, no ma'am/sir. We make her repeat these often. Especially when we are explaining why she can't do something or why she got into trouble. It's really cute the way she says yea mam, yea tir. This morning, while getting ready for work and school, I said, Riley you sit tight while I go get your boots ok. (If she wonders into her playroom, it becomes a battle to get her out the door for school) Her normal response would have been ooh kaaay, but she looked up at me, blue eyes shinning and said. "Yea Mam". It was so precious! I was so proud of her manners. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for being so polite and told her she was becoming quite a little lady, to which she smiled and said Yea.