Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Erase Down Syndrome?

I heard from a very dear friend today. She had just read about a new medical test that is being introduced. It will determine the presence of Down Syndrome in the first trimester. The article on the test said that doctors predict it will nearly erase Down Syndrome because so many people will opt to terminate the pregnancy. I cannot imagine a world without Down Syndrome, it would be a world without Riley, Lexi, Aubrey, Blake, Max, and so many other wonderful children and adults. A world without sunshine. I know that having a child with Down Syndrome is not what anyone hopes for, but those of us lucky enough to have the opportunity sure are blessed. I know that it is a life of struggles but it is also a life of purpose, a life worth living. I had the triple screen test when I was pregnant, it came back ok, so we did not suspect Down Syndrome and of course when Riley was born we were shocked, scared, and saddened. But I look at our wonderful life now, I wouldn't change one single thing. I hope that through blogs like mine(and some of the wonderful ones I follow),Buddy Walks, etc. we change how the world sees Down Syndrome. My sincere hope is that everyone learns to see the "Upside of Downs"


Beasley's Blog said...

Bless you! You are a great Mom- More could learn from reading your views of the sunshine that children with down syndrome bring.. I couldn't agree more. My child with down sydrome is 10.