Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogs to See

I am so thrilled with my blog. When I started a few months ago, I really didn't know anything about blogs or blogging, and I still have a lot to learn. But blogging has definitely opened my eyes and my heart. I have "met" many new friends and have learned so much from this blog. I follow several blogs dealing with Down Syndrome, each doing their part to change the way the world views DS. I am so happy that so many people love and support children like Riley and are working to make the world a better place for children like her. Here are some of the blogs I follow, if you get the chance check them out, they range from moms of small children to a 13 year old girl with Down Syndrome who writes her own blog. They are all wonderful, and I hope you get as much joy out of them as I do. Alena


Judith E. Mathewson said...

It is so special to hear from other parents of down syndrome children - it brings tears to my eyes with hope and encouragement to myself and others. My daughter, Kimmy, is 43 yrs old this year. She was my first child, had 2 healthy after Kimmy - but was told by doctors NOT to have anymore after Kimmy's birth. Kimmy was born with 2 holes in her heart which doctors back then did not have enough knowledge to perform surgery - so she was given 2 mths to 2 years to live - she has been my miracle child. Though she had rough roads ahead, she aways came through from any sickness - she was determined to survive - to be with us - to be a hope and blessing to others.
God bless all these precious gifts from God and the very special parents that He chose to care and love them. Judy