Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dance, Dance!

I am so happy to report that on Wednesday Riley is starting dance class. Pre-ballet and tap to be specific. I couldn't be more excited. Today, with the help of Nonna, we went shopping and are all ready for class to start. I must admit when I saw the pink leather ballet shoes, so tiny and perfect, I teared up. My tiny sweet baby has grown so fast and is now on her way to becoming quite a little lady. I'm so proud of her. She continues to amaze me! I'm sure there will be many posts as we start out on this journey, this will be the first group activity/sport Riley has been involved in and I'm nervous and excited! Look for many pics and maybe some videos of my baby ballerina. Here she is modeling her new dance clothes and shoes. The ballet shoes couldn't be any cuter, but Riley is absolutely in love with the tap shoes and the noise they make(especially on our wood floors!)


Jim said...

How sweet is that!