Saturday, September 26, 2009

Squeaky Shoes

I have done it, I have found the greatest invention for kids(and parents). They are called Squeak Me Shoes, and they are wonderful. I got Riley a LSU pair for her birthday and yesterday we put em to work. Not only are these shoes absolutely adorable,(they match her LSU tutu!!)but they work wonderful at burning off some of that unbridled childhood energy. Oh, If only I had her energy! During the game, I let Riley wear her new LSU tutu and her new shoes. They squeak when your child steps. Once on, Riley figured out that they shoes made noise and she was off. She squeaked up, she squeaked down, she ran in circles. It was a little annoying after awhile, I must admit, and her daddy was looking for earplugs but it wore her little but out! I sent her to her playroom, closed the door and let her squeak away. She was exhausted before long and we put the shoes away. The squeakers can easily be removed from the shoes, which I'm sure we will do, but today, they were magic for my little Tiger, and seeing her joy and hearing her laughter lifted my spirit and made me smile more than the squeaks irritated me.I tried to add a video but can't get it to work, so a picture will have to do. You can see the pure joy on her face. You can find the shoes in many styles and colors and even other teams(although LSU is the greatest, even if they didn't play so hot Sat. They did win!)at


Jim said...

This is why granparents love the children so much. They don't have to listen to the squeaky shoes :-)