Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My little gymnast

I was thinking today about this summer. Reminiscing on some of my favorite Riley moments from the past few months. I thought about Field day. This year, field day at daycare was Pirate themed. The playground was set up with all sorts of Pirate activities, they even gave her a skull and crossbones bandanna and tattoo. . My dad and stepdad(Riley's granddaddy and Papaw) came to see her participate in all the events and we all had a great time. I must admit when we saw the "Walk the Plank" game I was a little nervous. Riley is a bit clumsy(she gets it honestly from me, this has absolutely nothing to do with DS)so I was worried she'd fall, or need help. To my surprise, she walked the plank as if she was an Olympic gymnast. Check out the video. My favorite is at the end she acts like she's gonna jump off then casually steps, its hilarious. I hope this video reminds me never to underestimate Riley and her abilities.