Friday, October 30, 2009

Storm Update

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to update ya'll. Severe weather came through our area last night. Several tornadoes touchdowned. We were without power from about 7:30pm Wed. til about 3:30am Thurs. Other than the power outage and a severly soggy yard, Gerard, Riley, and I, and our three dogs are fine. Because of all of the weather Riley's school is closed today, so there won't be any Halloween party pictures, however it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I will post Trick or Treating pictures.


Jim said...

Glad y'all made it through okay, it did get nasty!

punkymama said...

Yeah, it was scary. We could hear all the tornado alarms at the Base. I had all the dogs in the bathroom and made Riley sit right next to me in case we needed to run in. She kept saying "where, where, are the lights?" It was cute!She couldn't understand why I just didn't turn the lights on.