Sunday, October 11, 2009

King Papaw

This weekend was the 34th annual Zwolle Tamale Fiesta. This year was extra special because my stepdad(Riley's Papaw & one of her favorite people in all the world) was King, we are so proud of him! Since his crowning Riley refuses to call him Papaw. He is now known as King Papaw and thats it. She gets very frustrated when you don't say it right. Riley really enjoyed spending time with all of our family and attending the fiesta. She went to her first parade, and LOVED it! I think by the time it was over she had eaten 6 lollipops. She also really enjoyed the carnival games and rides and the funnel cake! Here are a few pictures from our fun filled weekend. I guess if Papaw is king, that makes her a Princess(Something I've known since the day she was born!)


Jim said...

I love those pictures - that is pure joy! By the way, I refuse to call you 'Your Highness'.