Saturday, October 3, 2009

Riley's First Date

I want to start this post by saying Riley and I are both very lucky to have such great friends. On Monday, Riley got devoured by ants at while playing on the playground at daycare. It was so severe that she had to go to the doctor and get a shot and some prescription cream. So, needless to say she was feeling yucky. Every day this week, family and a few special friends checked on her. my friend Rachel texted me throughout the day checking on her, and my friend Emily emailed me for updates on her. I really appreciate you guys' concern and uplifting words. Thank you, you are TERRIFIC friends. Emily's son Frankie goes to school with Riley, and they are good friends(if you ask Riley, "who is your boyfriend? she says Frankie")Frankie was missing Riley at school, so Emily and I got together and set up a dinner date at McDonald's on Thursday night.(Don't worry, both mommies were there, no unsupervised dates til she's at least 40!) I think the company and the ice cream helped Riley make a full recovery. She was back at school on Friday and happy as can be. I am including pictures from the "date".