Thursday, August 11, 2011


This morning I took my big girl to school for her scheduled testing. It was a standardized test(part of which was given at the beginning of pre k, the other half, administered before Kindergarten):( Riley wanted to play in the classroom instead of sit and answer questions, so I worry she didn't test up to her potential. It is very frustrating for a parent who knows their child knows/can do certain things, but isn't given credit for them because it she doesn't demonstrate them at set instance. I know I shouldn't worry, the test doesn't determine grades or anything else, it is just so hard because you want everyone to see the progress and potential in your child. Other parents do you have the same concernns? How do you handle testing??? On a positive note, I did hear some of the questions so I know what to work on with her. Also in the naming body parts section, I knew she knew arms, legs, eyes, etc., but was plesantly surprised when she correctly identified ankle. She's so smart. I love my girl!!


Alex's Mom said...

Testing is a funny thing isn't it? Just like all kids, our kids will cooperate when they want to. Good luck!