Friday, August 26, 2011

She'll get it!

Well, the first full week of Kindergarten is in the bag. And aside from getting into "time out" for running away from her teachers(she just loves to be chased, thinks it's hilarious) Riley did pretty great. I am so grateful to her teachers for their patience and understanding. Her teacher said "when she runs away, I put her in time out, she will get it" And knock on wood, she was good and got no time outs the the later part of this week. Of course I'm sure the good behavior had nothing to do with the bribe of M&M's I offered as an after school snack if she didn't get into trouble, lol.  Not only are her teachers(regular classsroom, and special ed) wonderfully encouraging, but the other children have been great too. The older kids who  are on the safety patrol look out for her, and after 1 week, she is walking to kindergarten all by herself. The first few days of school, I parked the car and walked her to kindergarten which is in a separate building in the back of the school. Now, she gets out of the car, and walks in with all the kids, the first day of her walking by herself, I called to make sure she made it and didn't end up in 5th grade, and sure enough she did exactly what she was supposed to, and walked to Kindergarten. Now she looks like such an independent "big girl" with her Dora backpack, prancing her way into the school and out to Kindergarten, my baby is growing up and I'm so proud of her.