Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never Underestimate.

Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit. We have had bad weather, ice and snow, which we are not accustomed to in Louisiana. The sun came out this morning and the snow is melting. This morning while cooking breakfast, I was reminded of something very important. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE. I was fixing(southern speak for making)hash-browns, bacon, and eggs, and Riley was sitting in the kitchen watching me cook, chatting with me, and trying her best to help. All of a sudden seemingly out of nowhere, she pointed to the toaster and said "Momma, I want some toast". I had no idea she knew that we use the toaster to make toast, as we don't fix toast very often. I was quite impressed, that she, without being consciously taught, knew that toast comes from the toaster. I know that she is doing so well in school and that she watches and imitates EVERYTHING, so I shouldn't have been so surprised but I was. It reminded me of something I was told when she was first born. A woman, who didn't know my husband or I until the birth of our daughter(she is the neighbor to my husband's aunt) who has given us so many insights and encouragement I could never thank her enough, told me once, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE, What she will be able to learn and do. She said that her daughter, then age 4 who has DS had gotten out of the tub and she said, dry yourself off, not expecting anything and Lexie took the towel, and dried herself off. She was super impressed and then wondered How long could she have been doing this, and I just never asked?? So my thought for today is not to pressure or expect more than your child can do, but also to NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the capabilities of your child!


Cindy said...

Very true. Hard to do sometimes, but true!