Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please help.

Hey everyone out there in "Blogland". I just got my sweet little angel to bed, after reading 3 books. She loves to hear stories and to "read" to me. I'm so happy she is developing a love of books. I have often thought how I wish there were more stories with children with Down Syndrome in them. Since she was born, I have searched for some fiction books about children with Downs, and have found only 1. I do have a dear friend who is working on remedying this by writing a story, inspired by Riley, which I truly hope gets published. But in the meantime, I have found a contest that would allow Riley to be apart of one of her favorite series, Fancy Nancy. I have entered Riley in this contest and would love her to win. I think it would be wonderful to have her represent children with Down Syndrome, so I'm asking PLEASE HELP. You can vote for Riley by clicking here. Fancy Nancy Fantastic Fan Photo Contest Thanks, the winner will be announced Feb. 2 keep your fingers crossed