Saturday, March 27, 2010

Needing Mommy!

Is there an age where you stop needing your Mommy? I know as children grow, they become more independent. But even now when I'm grown with a child of my own there are times when I still want my Mom. Anytime I'm sad or sick I still wish My mom was closer. Right now my poor sweet baby is sick and all she wants is ME. She doesn't want anything more than to sit and be held by Momma, even letting me rock her in the old rocking chair. This rarely happens as active as this 4 1/2 year old is I hardly ever get to sit and hold her and rocking her gosh, almost never. So even though I am taking good care of her and giving her medicine and wishing she gets well soon, I'm taking advantage of this time where my girl just needs her mommy!