Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liley's Mama

Riley is getting so big and smart. She does new things/says new words almost everyday. We are so proud of her! Her newest thing(which she absolutely loves to do)is to point to everyone in the room and say there name. "mama, daddy, kiki, etc." We do this over and over. Today she pointed to Gerard and said "Daddy". Then pointed to cousin Brandon(who she calls Bla) and said "Bla". I said what is your name to which she answered "Liley"( Even though she knows her alphabet and knows that her name starts with R, she still refers to herself as Liley.) She pointed to me and said "Mama". I asked her what's Mama's name? I think it caught her off guard, isn't your name mama? She thought about it for a minute and then EUREKA, she looked at me so matter a fact and said, Liley's Mama. It was precious and at school the kids,teachers, and other parents do call me Riley's Mom. I'm sure every parent goes through a time when they loose their identity. We are no longer(insert your name) we become (insert your child's name)'s Mama/Daddy. But I know there will come a day, and it won't be long, when I will no longer be called Riley's Mama because she will be grown, so for now, I will cherish each time someone calls me Riley/Liley's Mama.